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Yawning is good for your health

Yawning is beneficial for our body. It allows us to take a deep breath of air or oxygen and, as they say, to recharge the batteries. Yawning is not just a mouth reflex, it is also a movement that stretches our head muscles and even more. When we release this yawn, we feel the benefits. For a few seconds, we abandon the mind, which becomes completely independent of our will. It is an almost generalized relaxation of the respiratory muscles (diaphragm, intercostals), as well as those of the face and neck. By yawning, all our muscles relax and the result is well-being: the happy and relaxing effect is felt.

When you do meditation or relaxation sessions, you may have noticed that you yawn more easily. This is a good sign, our diaphragm relaxes and allows us to fill up with energy. It is therefore entirely appropriate to yawn during our sessions, without any discomfort.

A tip: if you feel a little tense, try yawning. After a few tries, you will trigger real yawns. Take advantage of them, complete them and you will feel that your stress will tend to decrease.

Source: Book Emotional Gymnastics by Martine Veilleux